When was 3dhomejoe created?
3dhomejoe was created in the year of 2000.

Where did the name 3dhomejoe come from?
Back in the year 2000, I wanted to play a game on Nickelodeon's website and it required an account in order to play games on the site. I spent some time trying to come up with a name by looking around at the stuff on the desk I was sitting at. I noticed a CD disk on the desk that was a 3d home design program and decided to use the name "3d Home Joe" but spaces were not allowed so I converted the name to be all lower case and removed the spaces to make "3dhomejoe".

What is the website coded in?
The website is 100% custom code in PHP as the back end.

Can I get a copy of your souce code for the website?
Sorry, I am not interested in releasing my code to the public at this time. I might in the future but even that is very unlikely.

I thought 3dhomejoe was a company!
Nope. I like to say "we" when talking about my on-line name as if it were a company, but no. 3dhomejoe is not a company.

Do you provide hosting with your custom code?
I am hosting a couple of sites that I "sponsor" and I am using my custom code for those sites; however, at this time, I am not offering hosting to the public for sites that I don't manage. Sorry.

Can I hire you to work on my team or to help me with XYZ?
Nope, I am not looking for any kind of work/project at this time. All work and projects that I work on (Including this website) are all done on my free time. I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to any kind of project. Some of the stuff you see on this site can take weeks or even months to finish.

How do you get funding for the website and the things you do?
Everything that I have done is on my own personal time. I get funding from the ads shown at the bottom (The very bottom!) of every page and I would highly encourage you to disable any ad blockers that you may have active.

Why are you encouraging me to disable my ad blocker when you personally hate ads?
I personally don't hate ads, I just don't like it when ads get in the way of the content that I view on many websites. Ads should not confuse the user(you) and should not be in the middle of the content. The reason why I have the ads are at the bottom of the page is to keep them out of your way from getting the information that you came here to get. If more websites employed better practices for ads, then I would not hate them as much.