We have different applications that we have created and for different reasons and have provided them for free.
We have also partnered up with some other individuals and have listed their free software below too.

Application Name Application Description
MD5 Hash Generator We have created a text to MD5 hash generator for public use. Nothing fancy going on here, we just use php to take your input in the text field and convert it into an MD5 hash.
You can access it here - 3dhomejoe's MD5 Hash Generator
3dhomejoe's CMS This site that you are viewing uses our very own, custom coded from the ground up CMS (Content Management System). We decided to make our own CMS after numerous attempts to find a suitable alternative. At the moment we are not releasing the source code as the project is very far away from being used on a consumer side. We plan on releasing the source code some day in the future, the time frame is currently unknown.
Looking for our release notes? Find them here!